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oruha_sumeragi's Journal

6 October 1990
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People usually call me Euphie so you can call me that way too if you want.
I am just an Argentinian girl who love cats, her friends, anime and rainy days.Yes, I know I am so freaking cliché...
I don´t know what else to say... so why you don´t look the cute guy on the left and smile like him ♥

8059(Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)I love them so much!!!I am only reading fanfics/doujinshis/drabbles/4-koma/... of this cute-sexy-lovely couple lately
I also like CLAMP(Tokyo Babylon changed my life),Vocaloid(Aku-P/Mothy FTW!),Mizushiro Setona(I wish more people know her!),Mishima Kazuhiko,Toboso Yana and others I can ́t remember now...

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